Joint Venture Process Certification

At, we certify that YOU know how to do a Joint Venture!

After launching the largest Real Estate Investment Group in Massachusetts in 2005 with an audience of up to 275 in the room at a given monthly meeting, Jeremy and Sheila started bringing in speakers and running webinars with their customers monthly with 2 webinars and 2 live in person meetings every month for years.

As promoters, they saw the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to working with speakers as Joint Venture partners and quickly learned about the rarely discuss for-promoters-only “Little Black Book of Bad Joint Ventures” that no speaker wants to end up in.

In 2009, after launching Government Deal Funding to help commercial real estate investors get funding for their deals from the US Government they put their best practices into play to make doing joint ventures as “Done for You” as possible.

Through technological solutions, best practices and tried and true techniques, a “formula” was developed to make doing Joint Ventures “as easy as falling off a log.”

In 2011, after a room full of speakers and their affiliate managers asked Jeremy “how do we make doing joint ventures with ourselves as easy as it is to joint venture with you, Sheila and Sean?” Jeremy launched the Certified Joint Venture Partner program to audit, recommend solutions and certify joint venture partners so the industry would have a third-party to go to for the true “behind the scenes” perspective.

As a promoter, no longer do you have to wonder what’s going to happen when you bring on an “unknown” speaker. As a speaker, you can now show prospective partners how easy it is to joint venture with you and have the third-party proof to back up your claim.

Want to see if you’re “up to snuff?” Apply online today!

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