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Freedom Interviews

Jeremy loves talking to business owners about Entrepreneurial Freedom – the freedom of time.

Join Jeremy Shapiro as he interviews successful founders who’ve “made it” and follow their journeys in Jeremy’s latest Freedom Stories:

  • The push-ups were worth it. Ryan Crownholm’s commanding officer looked across the desk and locked eyes. “There’s a career here for you…” he said flatly. “There’s nothing outside of the military for you.” Ryan smiled and replied “Look me up when you get out and I’ll have a job for you!” Blowing up airplanes for […]
  • 15-16 hours a day in a thankless corporate job would be enough to make anyone consider starting their own business, even if the money was good. After 15 years of these long days, Benjamin Carmona realized that even with days like that, he wasn’t able to provide the level of service he wanted as it […]
  • Working off books as a chef can be pretty rewarding – that is until you get laid off with no severance or unemployment the very same week that you and your wife are due to close on your home. Chef Adam Sobel had to pivot fast – and not for the last time. Adam began […]
  • Trading dollars for hours isn’t a bad thing – especially when it pays well – but when you’re asking clients to trust you before even seeing results and you’re keeping your phone by your side even when on the beach trying to enjoy vacation, there’s got to be a better way. But then… you discover […]
  • Megan Preston Meyer awoke to another day in corporate drudgery. Except… her job wasn’t the dream it used to be. Now she was analyzing data more and presenting the stories behind the data less. Stories are what’s exciting. Her super power was in taking complex data and presenting it in such a relatable and clear […]