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FuseDesk – Help Desk for Keap / Infusionsoft

“A Ticketing System for Keap! At Last!”

How are you handling your customer’s emails?

Are they ending up in a shared gmail account that doesn’t link to your Keap App so that staff have to look up emails in gmail and then customers in Infusionsoft?

Or… are they ending up in one key staff person’s Infusionsoft mailbox, with no way to share emails, track open issues, escalate requests, search emails and track individual issue history?

Enter FuseDesk – Your integrated Help Desk and Messaging Platform that enhances your existing Infusionsoft application by providing a true muti-user ticketed support tracking system – easy for staff, seamless for customers, and powerfuly insightful for business owners.

With your FuseDesk App, you can:

  • Assign cases to individual staff members
  • Keep cases open until they’re resolved
  • Track key business metrics such as response time
  • Easily search full email history
  • Escalate issues to senior staff when needed
  • Link all emails in Infusionsoft for full case history
  • Access all of your existing and new Infusionsoft email templates

FuseDesk comes in three plans to fit your needs. Review your options and Signup Today!