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Infusionsoft Affiliates

This plugin allows you to load an Infusionsoft Affiliate’s information into your wordpress pages using the “affiliate” shortcode.

For the most up-to-date documentation, please visit the WordPress Plugin Page for Infusionsoft Affiliates.

After you configure your Infusionsoft Affiliate plugin, you’ll be able to sync up your affiliates to your WordPress site and add in affiliate specific merge fields.

Where might you use this?

  • Personalized sales pages for your affiliates to use in promoting your product
  • Personalized opt-in pages that appear to be written by your affiliate
  • Custom webinar sign up forms, one for each affiliate

Use the [[affiliate]] shortcode with a specific field; for example, to get the affiliate’s name, use [[affiliate field="AffName"]].

You can also specify a default value like [[affiliate field="AffName" default="your friend"]].

For fields that are dates, you can specify a PHP friendly date format, for example [[affiliate field="_WebinarDate" format="l, f Js" /]].

Additionally, for date fields, you can move a date forward or backwards in time with thedateshift option like []affiliate field="_WebinarDate" default="3 days before our webinar" format="l, F jS" dateshift=" -3 days" /]]

When using dateshift, the value should start with a + or a - followed by a number and then a unit, for example - 1 day+90 minutes, or +1 year.

If you are returning any HTML code, for example a tracking pixel, an image tag, rich HTML, etc… you may want to specify htmldecode=1 to prevent WordPress from escaping your HTML.

All your custom affiliate fields get pulled down, too, just don’t forget to put the underscore in front, i.e. _YourCustomField.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload to your wordpress blog
  3. Activate and Configure


  • To configure your installation, click Settings and then select enter your Infusionsoft Application name and API Key


  • Use the shortcode [[affiliate /]] with the field parameter, for example [[affiliate field=”AffName” /]] to access the affiliate name. All your infusionsoft affiliate fields (including custom fields!) can be accessed this way.

19 thoughts on “Infusionsoft Affiliates”

  1. Is there any further information or tutorials provided on using this plug-in? It’s exactly what I need but I’m trying to figure out how to use it to implement my affiliate program through WordPress. I installed it and it doesn’t seem to be syncing to my Infusionsoft records. Help please! Thanks!

    1. Daniel, did you set your app name and API key in the settings?

      Secondly, did you put the [affiliate field="somefield"] code on your page?

      Third, did you load that page with the affiliate code specified, like ?

      Lastly, after loading that page, did you check your settings again to verify that WordPress is synching to Infusionsoft?

        1. Nice! Looking good. That’s showing the fields correctly! If you want to have an opt-in form through infusionsoft that tracks the person, setup an affiliate redirect that redirects to the form submission, and have the raw HTML form submit through the affiliate redirect – hard coded with the affiliate code – and that will cookie the opt-in correctly!

          1. Ok, I’m still a little confused on what you mean by having the raw HTML “submit through” the affiliate redirect, where do I specify that? Infusionsoft web forms or HTML coding?

            And for the redirect, will I have to create a redirect per affiliate or per program?

          2. Daniel, this is sort of an undocumented advanced ninja strategy that allows you to redirect form submissions through an affiliate tracking link and into Infusionsoft, forcing the cookie and affiliate tracking along the way.

            The easiest thing would be to just link to an Infusionsoft Hosted Web Form through an Affiliate Tracking link. 🙂

  2. I would like to try that ninja way haha, but I’m not advanced enough in coding.

    So basically if I place an IS web form on that page and make an affiliate tracking link to in IS such as that should collect the data when the form is filled out and will indicate to IS that a sale was made and in-turn pay my affiliate. Correct?

    By doing it this way I would have to make a redirect link per affiliate and not per program right? The ninja way wouldn’t require me to make one per affiliate, would it?

      1. No problem, by the way, is there any support for syncing the photos from affiliates to have those show up as well or is that not available yet. If not, put that on the features request list! 🙂

        1. Sure. You can:
          1) add a text box field to the affiliate record in Infusionsoft with the HTML code for the photo
          2) add a text field for just the URL of the photo
          3) put all the photos in the same directory and name them with the affiliate code and load them that way

          Any of those options will get you what you’re looking for. 🙂

      2. OK – so I have the custom page thing set up (yay!).

        How do I set this up so that the affiliate gets credit since this is a direct sales page (as opposed to a hosted web form?)


  3. I installed the app but i can’t seem to log into infusion soft! i tried using url won’t let me please help!

  4. I want to get the company records and people records from infusionsoft to my website.
    I’ve installed the plugin and my infusionsoft name and api key are correctly configured.
    Now what affiliate code shall I enter? where can I find this code on infusionsoft and also how do I export the data from infusionsoft and import to my web database?
    Will this export import thing be automatic?
    if so how can I do?
    I am new here.

  5. Hi Jeremy,

    I guess I’m the dumbest user you’ve ever had because you lost me at

    “How do I find my Application Name?
    Log into your Infusionsoft application. Look in your address bar. It’s the word that comes between the https:// and”

    How do I log into my Infusionsoft Application?

    1. Are you an Infusionsoft customer? If not, you’ll want to uninstall this plugin as it won’t do anything for you. If you ARE an Infusionsoft customer, contact their support team to find out how to login.

      1. Oh, I see … you have to pay to be on the Infusionsoft program and your plugin integrates it with WordPress. Thanks for clarifying.

  6. I am beginning to believe that I need to have the Infusionsoft application to use this plugin? Is this true? I was hoping to use it to start an affiliate program for one of my products but do not use the Infusionsoft software so don’t have an application name.

  7. Not understanding a thing on how to set this thing up. An ex-admin added this plugin but didn’t completely setup.

    And so I was able to generate the code in the IS for the new affiliate. How can I add him to the buy now page?

    In the Affiliate code names: Code,Affcode. What should I enter here?

    I really appreciate your immediate reply.

    TIA, Jeremy!

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