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Next Date for WordPress

The Next Date for WordPress plugin allows you to display the next date from a list of dates with the nextdate shortcode.

Want to always have the next date from a list displayed on a page of your site? Nextdate picks the next upcoming date from your list and displays it in the format you like!

Perhaps you have a recurring monthly meeting or event and you want to always display the next date to keep the page current.

Use the `[nextdate]` shortcode with a list of dates to get the next date from the list.

The `dates` parameter is required and should include a comma separated list of valid dates in any format that [PHP will recognize](, for example `5/15/2011, 2012-01-15, 21.9.2013, Tuesday, next Thursday`

You can also specify a `default` value like `[nextdate dates=”5/15/1993, 7/19/2008″ default=”No upcoming party” /]` to display a default value when none of the dates are in the future.

You can optionally specify a [PHP friendly date format](, for example `[nextdate dates=”next Thursday” format=”l, F jS” /]` to format the date. By default, dates are returned back in the `F j, Y` format, i.e. `September 18, 2013`.

To install the plugin, download it, upload to your WordPress site, activate and use the shortcode.